The required part is not available in the store, can I achieve the length in another way?

In principle, this is possible. However, you always need a connecting piece that extends the rods after screwing them in. Accordingly, it is difficult to give a general answer to this question. If it is not urgent, it is best to wait until you can buy your part in the store again. Otherwise you can contact us here. We will surely find a solution for you.

The system is too high for the room, is it possible to order a lower one?

Unfortunately, we currently have no capacity to accept custom orders. However, we do have our customization section for you. Alternatively, you can simply assemble the parts you need in the DIY section.

My powder coating is coming off.

Of course this should not be the case. Just write us a message, we will send you a new part immediately.

What weight can the crossbars carry?

We do not have an exact kg specification here yet. However, we can say that before the bars bend, the wall will give way. You can hang as many clothes as fit on the rod without any problems. With normal use for clothes, so even with heavy jackets or coats there are no problems.

A product is not available right now, when will it be back in the store?

We do our best to make the parts available again as soon as possible. How long it will take until the parts are back is stated under the respective product.

Are the bars also available in another color?

Besides the black ones, there is also our Limited-Edition in gold! We do not have other colors in our assortment at the moment.

Can I extend one of the systems with single bars?

That is definitely possible! The best way to do this is with one of our conversion kits. Depending on your wishes, you can choose from one, two or three crossbars in the store. If your ideas can't be realized with these kits, you can simply assemble the missing parts in the DIY section. But don't forget to order the necessary connectors and/or clamps!

Is there a trick to screw the screw connections all the way in?

Because of the powder coating, it can sometimes be more difficult than others. With a little more force or the trick with a lever, you should be able to fix this problem. The trick: Screw another short tube into the thread and try to get the connectors screwed on completely. If there are problems with the thread, which are not solvable, we will gladly exchange it! Just send us a short mail with your order number and a few photos.

Can the golden systems also be bought with wood?

Of course! However, we do not have any gold shelf holders in our assortment. So you would have to use the black holders.

Can the short and long sides of the EDGE versions be interchanged?

Since our tubes and connectors all fit together, you can freely swap the sides! You just have to turn the connectors accordingly to the other side.

Can you put together a special design for me?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the capacity to accept custom orders. However, we do have our customization area for you. Alternatively, you can simply assemble the parts you need in the DIY section.

How long are the shelf brackets?

Depending on how far you screw in the thread, there is a bit of play. But you can count on about 25 cm.

Is there a model for attic apartments?

Unfortunately, we do not have a special system for attic apartments. However, our low clothes rack LIL LAS LOW fits under higher roof slopes due to its low height. Using the DIY section, you could assemble the appropriate parts or, if necessary, omit tubes and attach them in other places - here you are super flexible!

Can the width be shortened?

In this case, we have provided you with your very own customization area. Here you will find all the variations that we can currently implement. There is still nothing for you here? Then you can easily create your own clothes rail with DIY tubes!

I don't want to drill, is there a solution for that?

Sure, all our freestanding systems and you can put completely without drilling or fastening in your home.

Do the bars rust?

Due to our special matt black powder coating, your tube is protected against rust! So you can use the bars without problems in damp rooms or even in the bathroom.

Is there enough space for hangers?

Yes! Our systems are specially designed so that there is enough space for standard clothes hangers and they do not rest against the wall.

Can I also shorten tubes?
You are welcome to try this on your own responsibility. However, you should bear in mind that you will need the right tools, such as a 3/4 inch tap, as well as manual dexterity.

What is the distance to the wall?

So that hangers do not touch the wall, but the clothes rail is not too far in the room, we have chosen a perfect average of 30cm.

Are the boards variable?

The board holders are attached with T-clamps, which are threaded onto the tube and tightened with grub screws. This allows you to place the boards at any height you like.

Do the boards also fit to custom-made products?

Unfortunately, the boards only fit our standard dimensions with the 93cm tubes, as these are already pre-drilled.