Our pamo. promise

The quality of our products is our biggest priority. Due to the special powder coating, our clothes rails are very robust and can last for many years. Because we believe in our quality, you can return our products for 100 days!

Why do we love what we do?

Furnishing and individuality are our passion. We are proud to make your home a little more practical through our products and to offer you innovative, thoughtful offers through with team.

What makes our products unique?

Our wide range of products gives you the opportunity to customise your clothes rail to suit your home. With our DIY shop, you can add to it after every move, change the width or height or equip it with wooden shelves.

Our Story - How it all began

The original idea We were looking for suitable furniture for our walk in wardrobe - friends of ours gave us the idea to simply use water pipes as clothes rails and build our own DIY dressing room. Once we went to the hardware store, however, our idea quickly evaporated into thin air. The individual parts for our desired wardrobe made of water pipes were unaffordable for us. So we went home empty-handed. However, the idea to build an individual clothes rail in industrial design did not let go of us... We were on the hunt for a cheaper solution. Another dead end? After some time of research, we found a supplier who could produce great quality for us at a fair price, but with a high minimum purchase quantity. Again a dead end. And so the clothes rail project disappeared into the drawer once again. But the idea just stuck with us... we are, after all, people who get down to work! With the hope that others would also like our clothes rails made of water pipes, we took the risk and ordered the minimum quantity. Thus was born the first series "KIM".