Don't want to spend your whole weekend building up your new wardrobe? We can understand that - which is why our Ceiling Clothes Rail can be assembled and disassembled in no time. Our ceiling-mounted clothes rail comes with straightforward assembly instructions that explain step-by-step how to set it up - but don't worry, because it's so easy to screw together, the entire assembly process is limited to just a few steps.

Here you can find all our instructions for download and helpful video tutorials.

Plus, all of our clothes rails come with matching dowels and screws - so you can save an extra trip to the hardware store and have all the parts on hand. Due to the clever design of our clothes rail, none of them need to be screwed into the floor, but can simply be placed on the floor using the included protective pads. These protective pads guarantee a firm hold and also protect your floor from scratches when the clothes rail is heavily loaded. All you need to assemble is a drill (except for our clothes racks LAS), a screwdriver, a hammer and best 2 helping hands. With this, your clothes rail ceiling mounting should be in no time up and also dismantled again!