pamo furniture in industrial design made of water pipes

pamo. Furniture in industrial design made of water pipes model "Kim II" - schlicht, black and yet striking - Our DIY wall wardrobe made of steel pipes and malleable cast iron fittings in matte black fit into any interior design style. The sturdy and highly resilient steel tubes are also suitable for heavy coats and jackets. The heavy-duty matte black powder coating means there are no scratches/paint chips on the rods. The coating means there is no oil or manufacturing residue on the rods, as is the case with untreated water pipe rods.

The simple yet thoughtful design allows you to let your creativity run wild. Whether in the bedroom, dressing room, as an eye-catcher in the living room or the basement as a heavy duty clothes rail. Due to the distance of 96 cm between the individual rods, standard chests of drawers up to 90 cm wide can be placed between them and a true space miracle is created.

The pipes do not need to be screwed to the floor. Non-slip pads on the feet create an optimal grip even with the heaviest load. In addition, the pads protect the floor from scratches. Due to the screw system, the clothes rail can be assembled easily and quickly. The assembly and disassembly of the wardrobe is easy due to the thread system, therefore, the wardrobe will not lose its stability even if you move several times.

Assembly instructions, dowels and black screws are included.

Dimensions: 203 cm wide x 220 cm high x 30 cm deep