Bread Friday - Pamo Design helps in Africa

Pamo Design helps: with every clothes rail sold, 20% dof the purchase price goes to Welthungerhilfe

Together we can make a difference and give back where your help is really needed.

We decided to do something a little different for Black Friday and are proud to present our "Bread Friday". On Friday, 29.11.2019, we donated 20% of all the clothes we sold and were able to finance 2500 school lunches!*

Hunger and malnutrition have many causes.

Hunger affects the weakest

Poverty: Hunger is primarily a consequence of poverty. Those who are poor have too little money for food, but also cannot care enough for their own health and invest in their children's education. Women are usually particularly disadvantaged. Only locally appropriate agriculture can overcome poverty and hunger.

Inequality: The 2030 Agenda calls on us to leave no one behind. Despite this, inequality is widening between Rich and poorboth globally and within individual countries. One percent of the world's population owns almost half of the world's wealth. The "bottom billion" of the poor and hungry have hardly any chance to free themselves from their misery. The Food Security Standard (FSS) aims to monitor food security through greater equity worldwide.

pamo Bread Friday fundraiser

2500 School lunch

We were able to donate 2500 school lunches this year on "Bread Firday" through our campaign and your help - we are very proud of that!

Black Firday Spendenaketion
pamo Kleiderstange am Bread Friday

20% of your total shopping cart went to World Hunger Relief

Together we could make a difference - Thank you!

No matter big or small

The action ran with all our clothes rails, whether for bedrooms, as a wardrobe or closet

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To ensure that the money donated reaches where it is really needed, we work together with Welthungerhilfe.

Last year, through projects like this, they helped 10.5 million people in 37 countries with 404 projects abroad!

We are proud to be a part of this success through you!

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