Industrial design - 20 cool DIY furniture made from water pipes with an industrial look

Worn steel, wood with patina and unplastered walls - that's industrial design for us. We'll show you how you can recreate the factory charm and urban New York loft feel in your home. An eye for detail makes all the difference: natural materials such as wood or cork and the contrast with light backgrounds enhance the style. In this post, you'll find 20 inspirations with furniture made from water pipes and malleable iron fittings in an industrial style - and maybe we can help you with that too!

The material that furniture dreams are made of: The Raw Steel Pipes with black coating from With them you can easily create your own furniture. The simple, raw look of steel water pipes can be combined with light, soft colours, but also with individual accessories such as station clocks, rustic furniture, old fruit crates or antique advertising signs. There are no limits to the imagination!

The water pipes give the open shelf in the dining room that special something. Somewhere between country house style and Scandinavian design, with lots of dark wood on a white background, the glasses from the 80s, metal candlesticks and slate-look boards come into their own. It's all about the eye for detail.

Here, too, a modern look meets vintage. You can find the elements of wood, metal, white background and labeled decorative items such as advertising signs. Cups, vases or flower pots made of porcelain are also an ideal addition. The transparent glasses with coffee and sugar and the old, hand-operated coffee grinder give a feeling of home.. Not a loft, just really cosy! Who wouldn't want to have a cup of coffee here?

Looking at this small, open wall shelf made of water pipes and malleable cast iron fittings really gives us a lot more ideas. How cool would it be to "finish" the top of the shelf with an antique tap? This also shows how well chemist's bottles fit into the vintage design of the industrial furniture. So cosy, don't you think?

A few years ago, we (Mona & Paddy) started looking for a special wardrobe solution. We love the industrial style and also like to do things ourselves. So, the idea of building a clothes rail ourselves from water pipes and malleable cast iron fittings stuck with us. In the end, it wasn't all that easy, but we did it. On our blog you can find a. detailed article about the creation of the Kim II clothes rail.

Simply cool and more than just decoration: this lamp in steampunk style.

You don't have to be a craftsman to build your individual furniture out of water pipes. Everything you need for your individual DIY furniture made of water pipes can be bought ready-made in our shop: Fittings, water pipes & accessories. And then it's just as quick as in this video - we promise! By the way: You can test pamo furniture for 100 days. If you decide that the two of you are not a perfect match, simply send it back. No risk at all!

Where, if not in the bathroom, do water pipes look particularly good? In combination with soft and light tones such as turquoise, orange or beige, they fit perfectly with this interior style. Green plants such as cacti, succulents or hanging plants make the rooms more lively and give them an almost Mediterranean style. Your own chill-out lounge!

You thought industrial design and technical devices don't really go together? Modern and vintage. Those who are creative will find solutions!

This shoe rack looks really vintage. And yet simply suitable for modern shoes. For all those who would also like to have the shelf a little more modern: of course, the whole thing can also be realised with light wood and light steel. However you prefer it, it's up to you!

Wow, now that's a table! The realisation of a table frame in an industrial look is also easier than you think with our individual parts and of course can be realised individually. Definitely a piece of furniture that your friends will envy.

With a certain sense of design, modern style furniture can also be combined with industrial design, country house style, Scandinavian design and even Western. Rattan furniture, woven baskets, black and white photos and wire-frame chairs are classic elements in this vintage-style dining room. Mega eye-catchers if you ask us!

Well thought-out upcycling. The back wall made of old pallet wood is particularly cool in this kitchen. The tubes on the kitchen shelf are also suitable for hanging cups with handles or utensils such as spatulas. The old, copper-coloured outdoor lamps complete the picture. Thanks to the light look of the worktop, the dishwasher also fits in easily. DIY upcycling - trendy and sustainable.

The classic and yet individual: the simple bookcase made of scrap wood, water pipes and malleable cast iron fittings.

Fashion boutique with an industrial look - they must have been inspired by the furniture with our individual pieces! If they can do it, you can do it too!

Bathroom shelf in vintage style. When using black water pipes, it is also recommended to use dark screws. Back to simplicity, a motto of many people currently.

Raw plaster, bricks, old wood and a water pipe - ready is a really cool toilet paper holder in industrial design. And best of all: you can do it yourself :)

The connectors of the water pipes can also be used as a flower pot for a Tiny Garden. Plants that only need a little water are happy here too. Now that's a cool idea!

This artistic vintage shelf in the bedroom finally offers enough space for all the things that just have to be there: Findings from trips together, candles for romantic evenings, a box of tissues, books, plants, an old globe, photos of friends, ... A real treasure!

Our first and favourite piece of furniture made of water pipes: the KIM II clothes rail from our label pamo offers plenty of space, fits in with different styles thanks to its clean style and is still individual. Easy to assemble, available at an affordable price for everyone and in absolute top quality. What more do you want? Kim II and many other clothes rails made of water pipes in industrial design as well as the individual components for your individual project can be found in the pamo shop, just take a look!