DIY blog: Make extraordinary industrial style furniture yourself

Industrial design is synonymous with rustic furniture made from water pipes. If you're tired of looking for a specific piece of furniture, why not build it yourself? In our DIYs, we show you various instructions on how to make your own industrial style furniture and give you tips and tricks to help you with your own DIY ideas. The variety of possibilities is limitless - choose the right powder-coated water pipes and fittings and build your own exclusive tubular furniture according to your own plans.

DIY Pipe Furniture

General tips for making industrial style furniture yourself

Whether you want to follow a DIY from our blog or make your industrial style furniture yourself, these general tips will ensure a successful DIY project even before you order the parts:

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Measuring accurately before starting any project will save you time and hassle. Remember, connecting pipes requires threads, the width of which you need to calculate when planning. So be generous with the space you plan for your DIY industrial style furniture and give the project some space.


It always makes sense to make a sketch of your planned DIY cane furniture. If you want to implement a DIY project from our collection, you can orient yourself here on the pictures of the finished industrial style furniture. You want to make a change in design or size? Great, because this is exactly the kind of individuality that DIY cane furniture projects are ideal for. Make your own customized sketch to make sure you don't forget any parts. Take a little more time and pay attention to all the individual parts in the sketch. As with measuring, the more precise your work, the more trouble you will save when assembling. Write down the dimensions of the individual parts used and add them up carefully. If they do not fit in your home, you can simply look in our DIY store for other parts that might fit better.

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General tips for making industrial style furniture yourself

What parts you need to make industrial design furniture yourself

After you have created an accurate sketch, it is now time to summarize the individual parts in a list. Although you have already listed all your parts in the sketch, it can quickly happen that you overlook a part or accidentally count it twice. A list makes for an easier overview and prevents mistakes when ordering malleable cast iron fittings and powder-coated water pipes.

For each project, we have already provided you with a list of all the parts you will need. However, if your DIY project differs from ours, remember to write down all the parts you need. That way, you can start right away when our package arrives and don't have to waste time reordering parts. Remember: Plan carefully instead of being annoyed by missing or duplicate parts..

DIY cane furniture - Proper preparation

More tips


If your DIY project results in a closed pipe system without open sides, special fittings are needed. This is due to the fact that the closing last thread has the wrong insertion direction - so it turns incorrectly. This problem can be solved quickly and easily by using the appropriate malleable iron adapter. Remember to include it in your planning!


If you want to make your own industrial style furniture, typical tools such as a cordless screwdriver or screwdriver are often needed. Before planning your project, make sure you have the tools you need on hand. For larger industrial style furniture that will be screwed to the wall, for example, it can sometimes be useful to have a helping hand ready. Maybe you can ask some friends to help you hang your DIY project - that way they can admire it right along with you afterwards.

DIY cane furniture build yourself

DIY Project 1: Industrial jewelry stand from tubes

Your jewelry is in a boring box and your chains are constantly tangled? Then it's high time for this jewelry stand DIY. The long crossbars of the industrial jewelry stand offer you enough space to hang all your chains knot-free and provides a quick overview of all your jewelry.

fertiger Industrial Schmuckständer
Benötigte Bauteile für das Schmuckständer DIY

Industrial style furniture do it yourself

Required components for the jewelry stand DIY

- 1x Malleable Cast Iron Fitting Plate
- 1x T-clamp
- 1x Malleable iron T-piece connector
- 1x 10cm water pipe
- 2x 25cm water pipe
- 1x 40cm water pipe
- 1x Screw set (4 Schrauben in schwarz)

- 3x Caps
- 1x Wooden base
- Cordless drill
- Pencil

Jewelry stand DIY

Step by step guide industrial jewelry stand

Step 1: Take the longest, 40cm water pipe and screw it into the thread of the malleable cast iron fitting plate.

Step 2: Thread the T-clamp over the other open end of the 40cm water pipe and slide it into the lower third of the pipe. The exact height can be determined by yourself, depending on what kind of jewellery you want to hang on the lower, short bar of your industrial jewellery stand.

Step 3: Now tighten the screw in the T-clamp to attach it to the 40 cm water pipe. You can now insert the smallest 10cm water pipe into the empty opening of the T-clamp and tighten it with the screw of the T-clamp.

Step 4: The upper thread of the 40 cm long water pipe is still free. Screw the T-piece connector into the thread there. The two open threads of the T-piece should be parallel with the small water pipe that is already attached. The 25 cm water pipes can now be screwed into the threads of the T-piece, one on the right, the other on the left.

Step 5: To close all open threads, put caps on the ends of the three water pipes to give your DIY jewellery stand a finished look.

Step 6: For optimal support, your industrial jewellery stand should be attached to a wooden base at the bottom. Choose a piece of wood in the colour you like. Use the holes in the malleable iron plate to mark four drill holes with a pencil. Now drill the holes and screw the plate in place with matching black screws.

Step 7: Enjoy! Your industrial jewellery stand made of tubes is ready and can now hold all your favourite pieces of jewellery without them ever getting tangled up again.

Industrial Schmuckständer fertig bauen

Industrial style furniture do it yourself

DIY Project 2: Build tube shelf yourself

Metal water pipes are known for their stability and are therefore an excellent building material for bookshelves. While a simple metal and wood shelf that sits on the floor has its appeal, the wide range of malleable cast iron fittings in different angles means that your DIY pipe shelf can take on any shape. In this DIY tube shelf tutorial, we'll show you how to make a DIY wall bookcase with different angles.

Regal aus Rohren selber bauen Anleitung
Benötigtes Zubehör um Regal aus Rohren selber bauen

DIY pipe shelf

Components needed to build the pipe rack itself:

- 2x Malleable iron fitting plate
- 2x 10cm water pipe
- 1x 20cm water pipe
- 7x 90° angle connector
- 5x 25cm water pipe
- 2x Set of screws (4 bits + 4 black screws)

- Drill
- Pencil

Rohrregal selber bauen

Accessories for possible expansion

The system can be extended with additional tubes and connectors as much as desired. Above a certain length, we recommend the use of an additional plate for more stability.

This will require:
- Desired number of 25cm water pipes and 90° angle connectors
- 1x T-clamp
- 1x Malleable iron fitting plate
- 1x 10cm water pipe
- 1x Screw set (4 bits + 4 black screws)

Before you begin, you should plan exactly how long you want your DIY pipe rack to be to make sure that you order all of the individual parts you need . Make a complete sketch and then calculate the amount of water pipes, connectors, screws and plates you need.

Zubehör bei Erweiterung des Rohrregals

Industrial style furniture do it yourself

Step by step instructions - build shelf from tubes yourself

Step 1: Screw the shortest, 10 cm long water pipe into the thread of the malleable cast iron plate. Repeat this step with the second 10cm water pipe and screw in the malleable cast iron plate here as well.

Step 2: Take one of the 10 cm water pipes with a plate and screw a 90° connector onto the open thread of the water pipe. Now screw the 20 cm water pipe onto the other threaded side of the 90° connector. Turn the water pipe so that it points downwards.

Step 3: Another 90° connector should be turned onto the open threaded side of the 20 cm water pipe. The 25 cm water pipe can now be attached to the free threaded side of this 90° connector. The pipe should point to the right. You can repeat this step as often as you like until your shelf has reached the desired length. The 90° connector must always be turned so that the screwed-in pipe points parallel to the wall and the direction of the pipe turns 45° (first downwards, then to the right, downwards again, then to the left, downwards again, then to the right, etc.).

Build shelf from tubes yourself instruction

More steps DIY pipe shelf

Optional step 3a: If you want to add more rods to make your bookshelf longer, we recommend that you add another plate in the middle of the shelf. This provides a better hold on the wall and ensures that the shelf cannot break off the wall. To do this, thread a T-clamp onto the middle water pipe of your bookcase and tighten it. Attach the 10cm water pipe to the free side of the T-clamp and tighten it. Screw the malleable cast iron plate onto the second, open thread of the 10 cm water pipe.

Step 4: Once your DIY pipe rack has reached the right length, the 10 cm water pipe with plate is screwed to the last 90° connector. The 90° connector must be turned so that the pipe points towards the wall.

DIY pipe shelf step by step instructions

Last steps

Step 5: (This step is easier if there are two of you.) Your DIY tube shelf is ready and only needs to be hung up. To do this, lift the tube shelf to the desired position on the wall and mark out the holes in the malleable cast iron plates with a pencil. Then drill the pre-marked holes with a cordless screwdriver and insert the bits into them. Now lift your shelf onto the wall so that the holes in the plates are above the holes in the wall with the bits. Finally, screw the plates in place using black screws.

Step 6: Your DIY tube shelf is ready and gives your home a rustic look thanks to its industrial design. Now you can fill it with all your favourite books and give them a special place in your living room, hallway or bedroom.

Fertiges DIY Rohrregal

Rohr Lampe DIY

Industrial style furniture do it yourself

DIY Project 3: Build industrial lamp from fittings yourself

In this pipe lamp DIY we show you step by step how you can build a lamp from fittings yourself. The black fittings give the lamp here a distinctive industrial look that fits perfectly in your hallway or living room.


DIY cane furniture

Parts needed - Industrial lamp build yourself from fittings

- 1x Malleable iron fitting plate
- 2x 6cm water pipe
- 1x 90° angle connector
- 1x Reduction socket
- 1x Lamp socket

- Cable
- Lamp
- Drill
- Pencil

benötigtes Zubehör um Lampe aus Fittings selber bauen

Pipe lamp DIY

Step by step instructions - build your own lamp from fittings

Step 1: Screw the 6cm water pipe into the thread of the malleable iron plate. Attach the 90° connector to the other end of the 6cm water pipe so that its empty thread faces upwards.

Step 2: Screw the second 6cm water pipe into the open thread of the 90° connector. The reduction sleeve can now be turned onto the upper side of the second 6cm water pipe.

Step 3: The external thread of the lamp socket should now be attached to the free side of the reduction socket.

Step 4: To attach the lamp, you first need to drill the appropriate holes. Hold the plate against the wall and mark the holes with a pencil. Drill 4 holes in the marked position and insert the bits. Now you can screw the plate with the lamp to the wall and voila - the tube lamp DIY is complete.