Loft style at home - is it possible?

Large rooms, high ceilings and few interior walls - that's what makes the loft character. And that's exactly what we would like to have in our home, but for that we would actually have to move. But we all know how difficult that is and that would completely go beyond the scope.

Have you also tried to furnish your apartment in such a way that it still feels a bit like this?

Move furniture and integrate decoration in concrete look. We've been through all of that too....

What does it depend on?

But what really makes the loft character? Large rooms and different areas or zones!

Unfortunately, we can't change the space, but we can partition off our space to incorporate cozy zones.

Which zones make sense?

- Living area
- Bed/bedroom
- Desk/home office
- Walk-in closet

What is important here?

The room divider for the loft character must be able to seamlessly integrate with the existing furniture style. The requirements are:

- Light should still shine through
- Room divider must take up little space
- Practical assembly, because the furniture is often moved
- Make the best use of the space in the apartment, thanks to integrated clothes rail

Our solution

Together with you and your feedback, we've been working on a solution for how anyone - really anyone - can transform their home into an industrial style loft in record time - AND WITHOUT DRILLING.

Suitable for any room

Used as a room divider, the LOFT allows you to combine living and working areas in one room. The models vary in width from 105cm-390cm and can be integrated well even in small rooms.

Combined with our KIM series, you can convert an area of your room into a walk-in closet and save valuable wall space. The room looks larger due to the open, minimalist design.

What makes our clothes rail special?

- Robust & scratch-resistant thanks to powder coating
- Free of oil residues thanks to matt black coating
- Easy assembly and disassembly with swivel threads
- Can be expanded at any time with module systems

Flexible in height and without drilling!