Dunkle Möbel kombinieren

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Dark furniture is on trend and exudes elegance. The combination of black furniture opens up a wide range of design options for a stylish home.

In this article, we provide practical advice and creative ideas on how you can perfectly showcase dark furniture in a modern interior design style. From the harmonious integration of cane furniture to the selection of matching color palettes - we show you how dark furniture can become a unique element of your interior design.

How does a black wardrobe harmonize with other furniture?

Black wardrobes can enrich your entrance area with their simple elegance and make a stylish statement in the entrance area of your home.

To create a harmonious atmosphere, the choice of accompanying furniture is crucial. Combine the black coat rack with light-colored wooden furniture, for example, to create an appealing contrast.

Our KIM II is very popular for combining with other furniture. This mix of dark and light creates a balanced atmosphere. Metallic accents can add an extra touch of sophistication.

How can a black metal shelf be staged to create a high-contrast look?

A black metal shelf - like one of our innovative metal and wood shelves - can not only serve as a practical storage solution, but can also act as a stylish element in your room.

Here too, you can combine it with lighter-colored furnishing elements. Light-colored walls or a neutral carpet make the shelf stand out and create an appealing visual dynamic.

Expert tip: Well-designed lighting can also effectively set the scene for such a shelf - for example with targeted spotlights or indirect light. This staging gives the black metal shelving unit a striking presence and integrates it tastefully into your interior design.

Combining clothes rails made from industrial-style tubular furniture

Our industrial-style tubular furniture gives your interior a modern and robust touch. The use of clothes rails offers more than just a practical hanging solution.

Be sure to discover our "Las Low" clothes rail and make a modern industrial design statement. Our tubular furniture really comes into its own when you harmonize it with neutral colors such as grey or white. Playing with different textures, such as rough wall surfaces or soft carpets, creates a rounded and modern design.

Below we show you which color palettes you can combine the furniture with to create your own personal style.

Which color palettes harmonize best with dark furniture?

Choosing the right color palette is crucial to show off dark furniture to its best advantage. Emphasize the elegance of dark furniture by combining it with warm, neutral shades such as beige or cream.

These create a timeless and cozy atmosphere. For a modern look, you can set bold accents by combining dark furniture with bold colors. Particularly suitable for this:

  • Petrol
  • Burgundy red
  • Fir green

How dark colors add elegance and modernity

Dark furniture and colors not only radiate warmth, but also lend a room elegance and modernity. Emphasize architectural details with dark wall colors or use dark accessories to create subtle accents.

The right lighting plays a crucial role here - cleverly placed light sources allow you to emphasize certain areas and add a sophisticated touch to the room. Discover how dark colors can transform a room into an elegant and contemporary living area.

How do you successfully combine light and dark furniture?

The skillful combination of light and dark furniture creates a balanced interior design and creates a contrasting balance in your furnishing style.

Go for a mix of dark and light wooden furniture to create as natural a contrast as possible. This approach gives the room a warm atmosphere and creates visual interest. By cleverly placing accessories in neutral colors, you can introduce connecting elements between the pieces of furniture in your interior and perfectly round off your own personal style.

Expert tip: The right balance between light and dark elements creates a harmonious overall impression and adds versatility to your interior.

Stylish: how to create a dark chic look

What exactly is dark chic? Staging dark chic in your interior combines elegance with a touch of drama! Go for pieces of furniture with clean lines but appealing and eye-catching details that are accentuated by dark colors.

Complete the look with glamorous accents such as mirrors or metal accessories. The trick is to create a luxurious atmosphere through the targeted placement and selection of elements without cluttering the room with too many pieces.

Let us inspire you and discover how you can use dark chic to transform your dark interior into a sensual and stylish environment.

Wie gelingt die gelungene Kombination von hellen und dunklen Möbeln?

Dark chic in interior design: which styles harmonize with it?

Dark chic can be combined in a variety of ways with different furnishing styles. From classic to modern, there are numerous ways to stylishly integrate dark furniture.

In this section, we want to make it clear how many different styles harmonize particularly well with dark chic. Thanks to its versatility, dark chic can be combined with almost any style.

To illustrate this, we would like to show you two styles that couldn't be more different:

  • Scandinavian minimalism: less is more! Scandinavian minimalism is all about few but clear details. This furnishing style is perfect for creating beautiful contrasts in your living space with light wood and dark metal accents.
  • Art Déco: With lots of fuss, high-quality upholstered furniture and great attention to detail, this style can breathe a touch of early 20th century elegance into your living space.

Be inspired by the many possible combinations and find the style that perfectly suits your preferences and living atmosphere.

Combining dark furniture: Tips for the perfect arrangement

A crucial aspect of designing with dark furniture is the right arrangement. In this section, we share practical tips on how to arrange your dark furniture in the best possible way. Here are our 3 top tips for your design to ensure your arrangement is a success:

  • Natural light sources in the room: dark furniture can be balanced by this so as not to appear too overwhelming.
  • Balanced distribution of furniture: make effective use of the space.
  • Be bold! Experiment with different layouts: The best possible visual flow must be found individually for each room. Test different layouts and don't be afraid to rearrange a room several times (believe us, it's worth it!).

With the right arrangement tips, your space will not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and inviting. Our custom cane furniture is an ideal way to add a dark touch to your style without cluttering your space.

Dark colors in interior design: what options are there for the living room, kitchen and more?

The use of dark furniture doesn't just extend to the living room, but can also create fascinating accents in other rooms. In the living room, they create a cozy atmosphere, in the kitchen they create modern contrasts and in the bedroom they add an elegant touch.

Take a look at our store and be inspired by our creative designs for a wide variety of living spaces. Thanks to their versatility and simple yet elegant design, our cane furniture offers you almost unlimited combination options for every room.


Dark furniture offers a versatile way to integrate elegance and modernity into your interior design. From the clever combination of different pieces of furniture to the targeted choice of color palettes - after this article, you will have gained an insight into the world of dark chic.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for furnishing your living room, kitchen or other rooms, with the tips and ideas presented here, you're now ideally equipped to use dark furniture as stylish and versatile elements and give free rein to your creativity.


Which curtains go well with dark furniture?

The choice of curtains plays a decisive role in harmonizing with dark furniture. Light curtains in neutral colors such as white or beige can create an elegant contrast to brown furniture, for example.

Alternatively, you can opt for curtains in the room's accent colors to create a harmonious overall look. Experiment with different fabrics and patterns to emphasize the desired style.

Which rug goes with dark furniture?

A rug can have a significant impact on a room. For dark furniture, rugs in bright, contrasting colors are ideal for creating an eye-catcher.

Think about whether you prefer plain or patterned rugs and make sure that the size matches the room. A rug can not only cover the floor, but also create a connection between furniture.

Which wall color goes with dark furniture?

The choice of wall color influences the overall mood of the room. Neutral wall colors such as grey, beige or cream go well with dark furniture and create a balanced atmosphere.

However, you can also set bold accents by opting for dark wall colors in a deeper tone. Remember that the lighting conditions in the room will influence the effect of the wall color, so it is advisable to try out test samples beforehand.

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