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Room dividers are absolute all-rounders. They give both large and small rooms the necessary structure without restricting the open-plan living concept. But what options are there for room dividers and what suits your individual style?

In this guide, we shed some light on the dark: We'll show you the ultimate room divider ideas for every living room concept. Whether you want to stylishly structure different living areas in a shared flat or give spacious rooms the warmth they need: with our ideas for room dividers, you can separate yourself anywhere without losing your openness.

Discover the look that really suits you now!

What types of room dividers are there?

Room dividers are a dime a dozen. But not every room divider is suitable for all living room concepts. After all, the room divider has to fit into the overall look and shouldn't look like a foreign object.

Before we look at the different room divider options together, you should consider what effect you want to achieve with the room divider. Should it provide additional storage space? Do you want to use the room divider to create a retreat or structure a large room in a homely way?

Don't worry if you don't have an answer to all these questions yet. The following room divider ideas will give you new ideas and spark your creativity. After all, clothes rails, shelves, chests of drawers, screens, curtains and sliding doors offer unimagined possibilities - find out exactly which ones now!

Clothes rail as a room divider: Design ideas for your home

Normally, we always save the best for last. But we don't want to keep this ingenious room divider idea from you any longer. Because a wardrobe as a room divider is not only absolutely practical, but also helps you organize your clothes so that you always have the right outfits to hand.

Especially in large sleeping areas, you can create a cozy retreat with a clothes rail as a room div ider. But small rooms and large hallways also benefit from this room divider. In addition to the necessary privacy, the clothes rail as a room divider also gives you plenty of space for your favorite clothes.

So with LOFT IV you can give your four walls that inimitable New York loft style. The matt black water pipe look fits into any modern living room concept and conjures up a unique living flair.

Kleiderstange als Raumteiler

Shelving: maximum use of space with style

Shelves as room divider ideas are of course nothing new. We can't reinvent the wheel either. But as is so often the case in life, small nuances can have a big impact.

Infobox: Massive shelves with back panels are not necessarily suitable as room divider ideas. If you would like to use shelves as room dividers, make sure you use open models. Or take inspiration from the following ideas instead.

More than just partitions: add a wardrobe, chest of drawers or sideboard

A wardrobe is also one of the favorites among room divider ideas. But before you reach for the bulky closet, you should pause for a moment.

Conventional wardrobes have three problems: they look out of place, darken the room and don't have an attractive back.

Above all, a wall unit as a room divider is a real break in style in a modern living room concept. A closet alternative such as the LAS III clothes rack in a vintage water pipe look, on the other hand, is definitely one of the stylish room divider ideas.

As an innovative room divider, it gives all rooms that little bit extra without forcing itself too much into the center of attention. Instead, the room divider integrates into your individual room concept and offers you plenty of storage space at the same time.

Room dividers with wood: natural warmth and aesthetics

If you are looking for natural warmth, you should definitely integrate wood into your ideas for room dividers.

Expert tip: However, the motto here is also: less is more. After all, a room divider made entirely of wood doesn't suit the trendy loft style and also looks rather bulky in other furnishing styles.

So that you can still bring the natural feeling into your home without a break in style, we at pamo. have found an innovative solution. OSKAR OAK is the magic word.

The room divider with integrated wooden floor sets individual and rustic accents. In addition to the well thought-out design, the timeless room divider also offers you a perfect stage for your favorite things.

Practical room design with curtains

Curtains have long since had their day as a simple window decoration. Instead, they are gaining in importance as room dividers. Sliding curtains in particular are becoming increasingly popular, as they can be easily attached to the ceiling.

Expert tip: However, you should always weigh up the benefits of this type of room divider. Curtains don't offer you any additional storage space and always have to be laboriously pushed aside. There are certainly better room dividers than curtain ideas.

Why sliding doors are a clever choice

You may be wondering why we're now putting sliding doors in the spotlight after we've torn curtains apart as room divider ideas. The reason lies in the handling.

Sliding doors are definitely a good choice as room dividers in hallways and open-plan kitchens. On the one hand, they can keep out draughts, but also food smells.

The prerequisite for this is a sliding door made of glass. The only drawback is the installation. This is not only quite costly, but also not necessarily permitted in rental properties.

Partition wall room divider: A clear dividing line

The same applies to an additional wall as a room divider. In your own home, plasterboard walls and the like make perfect sense for creating additional rooms such as a children's room.

But before you resort to such drastic ideas for a room divider, you should be aware that you are drawing a clear dividing line. Once erected, the partition wall cannot be easily taken down again.

Screens as multifunctional room designers

Screens are definitely the archetype among room divider ideas. They are particularly suitable as room dividers in small rooms and create a spiritual look.

Incidentally, the so-called Spanish wall originally comes from China, where it was used as a windbreak. This classic use is probably no longer used in your own home.

Nevertheless, screens can still make sense as multifunctional room designers. The opaque room dividers are mobile and can be easily folded up when needed.

What are the advantages of room dividers for your living space?

Room dividers definitely offer several advantages for your living spaces. The room divider allows you to divide the room into different areas. This means you can easily turn one room into several without having to put up additional walls.

Room dividers give small rooms more structure. In a one-bedroom apartment in particular, you can create a pleasant living atmosphere by using partitions to clearly separate the living, sleeping and dining areas without sacrificing light and space.

Large rooms also benefit from a room divider. Furniture often looks rather lost here. If you don't want to feel like you're living in a museum, you can give your living area a more homely feel with our partition wall ideas.

Infobox: Partition walls offer another advantage in both small and large rooms: they give you a retreat area where your privacy has top priority.

Creative and homemade: DIY room dividers

The ideas for room dividers offer plenty of potential for your creativity. Especially when it comes to clothes rails, you can be completely creative. In our guide "Build your own DIY clothes rail from pipes" you'll find step-by-step instructions and lots of inspiration.

We have also included a tutorial on DIY tube clothes rail here:

You can also add plants to your homemade room dividers. Bow hemp, green lily and co. are also ideal as eye-catchers in the Shelving system. Not only do they create a natural look, they also improve the indoor climate by filtering pollutants.

Expert tip: You don't necessarily need green fingers to spice up your room divider with green plants. Provided you choose houseplants that are neither resentful nor demanding, such as Cacti, aloe vera, monocots and green lilies.

Finding the right room divider: practical tips

Do you remember all the questions we asked you at the beginning? By now you're already a pro when it comes to room divider ideas. Nevertheless, you should be clear about the location and purpose of a partition wall before you buy it.

With our practical tips, you'll always find the right ideas for the room divider that really suits you. Simply select one of the following locations:

  • Living room: In the living area ,clothes racks and room dividers with woodare primarily suitable for creating a cozy retreat area. They also offer you additional storage space with maximum use of light. Make sure that you position your living area so that the room divider screens you off as much as possible. This is the only way you can fully relax after work.
  • Bedroom: For the sleeping area, room divider ideas that shield your bed in the best possible way are mainly suitable. In addition to innovative Closets a screen or sliding door can also be a useful partition in the bedroom. When choosing a room divider, you should always consider the size of the room. See below.
  • Office: In the office, you should definitely use a special partition wall. These are sound-insulating and also offer you the best possible shielding. This allows you to concentrate fully on your work without any visual or acoustic distractions.
  • Small rooms: room divider ideas for small rooms should be as compact and space-saving as possible. If there is little space available anyway, protruding shelves and cupboards are counterproductive as they further restrict the room. Instead, opt for open concepts such as OSKAR OAK instead. The shelving system gives you additional storage space and a light-flooded ambience.
  • Large rooms: In large rooms, on the other hand, a room partition that is too small looks rather lost. Small screens, shelves and the like disrupt the overall picture here. They look like a foreign body and are difficult to integrate into the room. This is why interior design professionals use a combination of closet and chest of drawers such as LOFT IV. This not only brings your New York loft style home, but also enriches your entire living concept.

Raumteiler Ideen: Kleiderständer


Ideas for room dividers should meet various criteria. They must fit in visually with your overall concept and be functional at the same time. Only then can they express your boundless creativity and ensure that you feel comfortable within your own four walls.

That's why you should always go with your gut feeling when choosing the right room divider. After all, partitions ultimately only have one important function: to simplify your life.

At pamo. we know what really counts in life. That's why in our Store numerous ideas that will make your home special.


How high should your room divider be?

The optimum height of a room divider always depends on various factors. The room height, lighting and also the intended use play an important role.

Are there room dividers that also serve as storage space?

Yes, definitely! Shelving systems and clothes rails combine both: room dividers and storage space.

What should I look out for when buying a room divider?

When buying a room divider, you should pay attention to quality as well as functionality. You often have to pay dearly for cheap partitions.

After all, what good is the ultimate bargain if the room divider doesn't live up to its name because it wobbles and possibly falls over? In this case, the saying of many grandmothers proves true: buy cheap, buy twice!

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