pamo DIY: Furniture upcycling with industrial cabinet handles made from pipes

Do you have an old chest of drawers that you no longer really like, but don't want to throw it away? Then give upcycling a try! We'll show you how to transform a boring chest of drawers into a rustic accent for your home with a new cabinet handle.

The first step to your successful furniture upcycling should be to consider what you have now and what you want to end up with.

If your dresser or armoire is already quite old and the paint is peeling, it might be worth putting a little more effort into your DIY project and sanding it down and refinishing it. However, if your furniture upcycling is only to beautify a fairly new dresser, you might want to skip this step.

Make a detailed plan of all the steps you want your furniture upcycling project to include, so you don't forget anything or realize you forgot to make a change at the end.

DIY für Industrial Schrankgrill aus Rohren

Industrial design is at the forefront of us and all of our cane furniture. Here you will find a step by step guide on how to give your dresser a new look in industrial design by simply upcycling it.
And you know what the best part about pamo's building instructions is? Through our instructions you know exactly which DIY components, such as pipes, fittings or connectors, you need and can order them quickly and easily in the Online store for DIY accessories. To save you unnecessary work, you can save cutting, deburring, polishing, welding or the like with our pipes, unlike pipes from the hardware store.

The pamo furniture upcycling DIY for industrial cabinet handle from pipes

First, you should measure what width would be optimal for your DIY industrial cabinet handles. We offer our malleable cast iron tubes in many different sizes and, if the right size is not available, we also offer special designs for our tubes.

The suitable lengths at a glance:

pamo Wasserrohr Temperguss in schwarz für DIY Möbel

Pamo Design

Various lengths | powder coated black malleable iron pipe

€7,90 Tax included.

Parts for DIY Project - Upcycling Industrial Cabinet Handle

To start your chest of drawers upcycling you will need the following materials for an industrial cabinet handle:

- 2X malleable iron fitting plate
- 2X malleable iron threaded pipe - 5cm
- 2X malleable iron fitting 90° connector
- 1X powder coated water pipe (in selected size)

To attach to the dresser you will also need:

- 8X countersunk screws (hexagon socket),
- 8X washers
- 8X cap nuts
- drill bit for wood

Temperguss Fitting für DIY Projekt Möbelupcycling

Video tutorial

Step by step instructions for your Industrial cabinet handle from tubes

Skizze fertiger Industrial Schrankgriff als Möbel Upcycling

Step one: First you need to attach the short 5cm threaded tube to the 90° connector. The threads allow them to be easily screwed together, making them stable yet easy to assemble and disassemble.
This step must now be repeated with the second 5cm threaded rod and the second connector.

Step two: Now the other side of the 5cm threaded tube must be screwed into the malleable iron fitting plate. This step must also be done for both 5cm threaded tubes.

Step three: Now take your water pipe, in the length that fits your dresser and screw it into the two free sides of the 90° connectors. And your industrial cabinet handle is ready.

Step four: Your new industrial cabinet handle must now be attached to the dresser.

To do this, place the plates in the appropriate place where the handle will later be attached. Use a pencil to draw the plate's holes on your drawer so you'll know exactly where to drill later.

Then, using a wood drill bit, drill into the pre-drawn holes on both sides. Now you can attach your Industrial cabinet handle made of pipes. Use 4 countersunk screws (with hexagon socket) on each side, which you can tighten with cap nuts on the inside of the drawer.

The most important and last step:

Be amazed, enjoy, be proud, open a beer or champagne and start thinking about what furniture upcycling project you want to start next!

If you're looking for some inspiration for this, check out our blog with 20 cool ideas for furniture made from water pipes. There you'll find everything from shelves to lamps in industrial design.

Schrankgriff auf Rohren an Malm Kommode DIY

Our pamo quality

Designed for your DIY cane furniture

It all started with a DIY clothes rail made of water pipes from the hardware store. In the process, we realized that these pipes are not suitable for the construction of tubular furniture. Due to the lack of powder coating, the pipes from the hardware store not only scratch very easily, they can hardly be loaded and are quite expensive.

Why pamos industrial malleable iron pipe cabinet handle is perfect for your furniture upcycling project:

  • - Assembly & disassembly is super easy, making it suitable for any move
  • - Extremely affordable for this durable, heavy duty and sturdy quality
  • - With black powder coated, even surface
  • - Thus extremely scratch -and shock resistant
  • - High quality industrial design
  • - Do not leave oil or dirt residue on your hand
  • - Made for your furniture upcycling project

We offer you additional guarantees and benefits:

With a black matte finish, our DIY cabinet handle will fit in any home and add some New York loft style to your dresser.

Our malleable iron tubing is powder coated and guaranteed to be extremely scratch resistant for your furniture upcycling project. So your project can last you for years to come.

Our malleable iron tubes for your industrial cabinet handle are available in many different sizes and give you creative freedom for your furniture upcycling project.

You buy a new dresser and want to reuse the cabinet handles? No problem - easily adapt them to your new needs and keep your DIY project sustainable

Skizze DIY Schrankgriff von pamo