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Before you start with your piece of furniture, you should first think about how many and which items of clothing should fit on your valet stand. Different models are suitable depending on your needs. You will find three different designs in our selection.

We at pamo want you to be able to realise your individuality. So that your valet stand is exactly the model that fits perfectly in your bedroom!

Our industrial style furniture has names. After all, it is our faithful companion and it simply feels better.

Fittingly, we took inspiration from famous butlers for our building instructions for the valet stand, also known as the "clothes butler": Freddie from "Dinner for One", Geoffrey from "The Prince of Bel Air" and Eugene from "The Butler".

And do you know what the best thing about pamo's building instructions is? Thanks to our instructions, you know exactly which DIY components, such as pipes, fittings or connectors, you need and can order them super quickly in the online shop.

In addition, the components simply need to be screwed together. No need to cut, deburr, polish, weld or anything similar, as is the case with pipes from the DIY store!

DIY Herrendiener selber bauen

Video tutorial

The pamo step by step instructions for building a men's valet from black tubes

Building instructions

Men's valet from black water pipes make your own

The mute valet stand made from pipes is simple and also suitable for small bedrooms.

Step 1: Get the DIY components you need for the valet stand made from water pipes. Make sure the pipes are of high quality to prevent them from scratching or bending easily.

You can find all the individual parts you need in our DIY accessories shop.

Herrendiener aus Wasserrohren

Build valet yourself

Step 2: Get all the DIY components ready for your gentleman's valet.

In any DIY, it can help to first get an overview of the individual parts. First, lay out the coated water pipes and malleable cast iron fittings. This will help you to see if you have all the parts you need at hand and to recognize the shape you want your DIY Coat rack to have.

Build valet yourself

Step 3: Lower part men's valet build yourself

First of all, you screw on both sides of the 1X Malleable iron pipe black 70cm two of the fittings in black 4-fold connector 90°.

One of the two threads of the connector remains free. Here you can use a Malleable iron pipe black 25cm screw tight (on both sides).

These 25cm malleable cast iron pipes are then both at a 90° angle to the first 70cm pipe. At the free ends of the malleable cast iron tubes black 25cm must now each 1X Malleable iron T-piece connector be screwed together.

The base for your valet from pipes is built.

DIY Herrendiener Schritt für Schritt Anleitung

Step 4: Build rear part for the gentleman valet DIY

The valet foot is now done, now you need to assemble the upper bars.

Step 4.1: For the rear, higher part, 1X Water pipe malleable iron 93cm with a Malleable cast iron threaded fittings connectors an ein Malleable iron pipe black 70cm screwed. This step must be repeated until you have two "long bars" that you have screwed together from 4 shorter water pipes.

Step 4.2To connect the long rods now, a new Temperguss Rohr schwarz 70cm at both ends 90° malleable iron fitting black connector screwed on. At the two free openings of the just screwed connectors, the long rods (the 2 connected 93cm & 70cm tubes) are screwed in. Now you have the rear part of the gentleman's valet of tubes ready! 

Step 5: the smaller, front part

For the finished DIY valet is still missing the front, shorter part. For this you need to repeat step 4.2 from the rear part, only now the vertical pipes are not 2 interconnected water pipes, but a single water pipe malleable cast iron 93cm.

Your DIY valet out of tubes is almost ready! To connect the upper part and the lower part you need 4X the malleable iron adapter. This consists of 3 parts and can be unscrewed.

First, slip part B over the thread of the vertical long rod. Then screw the threaded part C to the free thread of the 93cm water pipe. Part A of the adapter must be screwed to the free thread of the foot. Now part B can be screwed down which will tighten the adapter and hold it. This way you can connect all 4 pipes of the upper part to the foot.

From second 57 you can see this part again clearly in the video linked above.

To ensure that your valet stands well and does not scratch your floor, we recommend that you attach to the bottom of the feet that touch the ground Anti slip pads to stick.

The final step: marvel, enjoy, be proud, open a beer or champagne and think directly about what piece of furniture you want to build next!

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The pamo quality - specially developed for tubular furniture

It all started with a DIY clothes rail made of water pipes from the hardware store. In the process, we realized that these pipes are not designed for the construction of pipe furniture.
The disadvantage with water pipes from the hardware store: They are very expensive, not suited for heavy loads, scratch very quickly and the oil rests on the pipes ruin your beautiful clothes. This is not the case with pamo!
pamo stands for quality: The malleable cast iron pipes and DIY components, as well as the fittings and connectors are:

  • - Super easy to assemble & disassemble and therefore suitable for any move
  • - Inexpensive for this durable, heavy duty and stable quality
  • - With powder coated even surface
  • - Thus extremely scratch - and shock resistant
  • - Universally useable due to simple and modern design
  • - Don't leave oil or dirt residue on your clothes
  • - Made for your custom DIY furniture piece such as a gentleman's valet

Our pamo promise to you:

  • - 100 days return policy
  • - Free shipping

Due to their special powder coating, our DIY components are protected against scratches and chipping of the paint for a very long time. But not only our coating has been improved compared to the pipes from the hardware store. The malleable cast iron water pipes are also extremely stable. They do not bend even under heavy load. At the same time, the solid 25.4 mm thick metal pipes and malleable cast iron fittings are very scratch resistant and insensitive.
So they stay with you for years and don't need to be replaced every time you move or remodel.

The DIY components from pamo allow you a lot of creative freedom. Thanks to the high quality, you can adapt your piece of furniture to your individual needs at any time and expand it without any problems. Sounds good, doesn't it?

The valet stand made of metal

perfect hanging option for clothes in the bedroom or dressing room

The men's valet stand is a simple wardrobe, perfect for hanging blazers, blouses or jackets.

It also offers multiple hanging options for pants, ties, scarves or socks and provides wrinkle-free storage.

We at pamo. find the idea of a self-built valet stand simply great and offer you the perfect components in proven pamo. quality.

This allows you to build your own individual piece of furniture from malleable cast iron water pipes (black metal) and do not have to buy pipes in the hardware store, for which you need special, expensive tools and which - in the worst case - even pollute your clothes.

Ankleidezimmer Herrendiener aus Rohren

Due to the simple design, the men's valet stand made of black metal fits into almost any interior design. Contemporary, classic or modern.
In combination with wood, white walls or industrial style - the valet stand from pamo. is a perfect piece of furniture for anyone who loves individuality!

Discover all the components for your individual valet stand made of black tubes in our DIY-Shop!

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