Expand clothes rail | additional crossbar, shelves & more

Our clothes rail KIM I, II & III can be used versatile as a wardrobe or open closet. The thoughtful design of the structure allows you to adjust this again and again to your new needs. You need more hanging space or would like to add wooden boards to the clothes rail? - This is no problem due to the simple conversion option! Especially after a move, our clothes rail DIY shows you how you can keep the KIM longer.

You are looking for a tutorial for industrial pipe furniture? Then check out our blog or take a look at our DIY clothes rail DIY tutorial.

We'll show you the ways in which you can convert the KIM and how to recreate the clothes rail wall DIYs step by step. This blog has the following instructions:

  • Install additional crossbars for more hanging space
  • Install wooden shelves
  • Install suspenders
  • Adjust the width & height of the KIM

Clothes rail DIY

Install additional crossbars for more hanging space

Your original purchase no longer offers you enough hanging space and you would like to add one or more crossbars to your KIM? We show you which parts you need and how the conversion can be done quickly and easily. You can use the additional crossbars for the KIM I, the KIM II and the KIM III. The steps are slightly different depending on which model you have and where you want to mount the additional crossbar. We show you each option step by step.

KIM extension | clothes rail DIY

One additional cross bar

The KIM I with one crossbar can be complemented with a dresser or shoe cabinet, but it only offers 93cm of hanging space. You would like to double this hanging space? That' s not a problem!

Easily build the KIM I into a KIM I Double by getting the Modification kit I. The height of the crossbar can be freely selected here - you can push it up and down as you like.

In addition, this clothes rail DIY can be applied to the KIM II or KIM III to extend it with a crossbar.

Materialen Kleiderstange Wand DIY

Clothes rail wall DIY


The conversion kit consists of x2 T-clamps and a threaded tube 93cm. You can either get the ready-made conversion kit for this clothes rail DIY, or pick out the matching individual parts in our DIY store.

First, attach the 2 T-clamps to the free threads of the 93cm tube and tighten the screws of the T-clamps. If your clothes rail is already attached to the wall, you need to detach it from the wall. If you want to add the additional crossbar to the upper part of the clothes rail, you need to unscrew the lower plates, threaded tubes and pipe connectors from the clothes rail. If you want to attach the additional crossbar to the lower part of the clothes rail, i.e. under the pipe connector, you only need to unscrew the plates.

Now thread the T-clamp with the pipe on the left and right onto the vertical threaded rods of the clothes rail wall and move them to your desired height. Now tighten the screws of the T-clamp. And the clothes rail wall DIY is ready - and you have double hanging space!

KIM extension | clothes rail wall DIY

Two additional crossbars

The conversion can also be done on the larger clothes rails. If you convert the KIM II, you can add crossbars on both sides and thus convert it to a KIM II Double. Of course, you can also add an additional crossbar on one side only. The side with one crossbar can then be used for dresses and coats, the other for jackets, shirts and sweaters.

First decide how many crossbars you want to add. For one crossbar you need the conversion kit I. Here you can simply follow the previous instructions for one additional crossbar.

For two additional crossbars you need the conversion kit II.

KIM II Double Umbau

The structure and the individual parts vary depending on whether the new hanging place is to be positioned side by side or whether it is to be set on the right and left in the case of the KIM III. To insert two crossbars side by side, a T-clamp must be replaced by a pipe clamp.

If you want to add two crossbars to the KIM II, you must follow the "crossbar side by side" setup. If you want to convert a KIM III with the crossbars side by side , you must follow the same setup. However, if you want to convert the KIM III so that one crossbar is on the far left and one on the far right, you must follow the "Crossbar with gap" assembly. The conversion kit II contains all the appropriate individual parts, regardless of which variant you choose.

Clothes rail DIY

Structure crossbars side by side

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Kleiderstange DIY Einzelteile für Umbau

Benötigte Materialen für Umbau

Clothes rail wall DIY

Structure cross bars with gap

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KIM extension | clothes rail DIY

Three additional crossbars

For extra hanging space, you can add three more crossbars to the KIM III. The conversion kit III contains:
- 3x 93cm water pipe
- 2x T-clamp
-2x pipe clamp

There is also a step by step guide for the conversion kit III, which shows you all the steps in detail.

Erweiterung Kleiderstange DIY 3 Querstangen

First prepare the new additional hanging space by attaching a T-clamp to one end of a 93cm water pipe and a pipe clamp to the other side on the free thread. Another water pipe is now to be attached to the opposite side of the pipe clamp. The water pipe you have just attached now has a free thread on one side. The second pipe clamp is to be screwed to this. Here, too, the last water pipe is to be screwed to the opposite thread. Finally, the last T-clamp must be attached to the free threaded side of the pipe.

The clothes rail DIY must now be attached to your existing wardrobe.

Detach your existing closet from the wall and unscrew the bottom 4 plates, 4 crossbars and 4 pipe connectors. Now you can thread the rack you just built onto the KIM III from below. Tighten the screws of all T-clamps and pipe clamps as soon as you have pushed the crossbars to your desired height. Now tighten the 4 pipe connectors, 4 water pipe and 4 plates.

And ready is the clothes rail wall DIY with extra hanging possibility.

Fertiges Kleiderstange Wand DIY

Clothes rail wall DIY

Install shelves from wood

Our open closets can be supplemented not only by another crossbar, it is also possible to install shelves, through which the KIM hanging space is added. Use the clothes rail DIY, for example, as a wardrobe and put your shoes on the boards, or as a closet and put your pants there easily.

In this clothes rail DIY , we will show you step by step how to add the shelves.

First, think about how many shelves you would like to use in your clothes rail DIY. For the clothes rail DIY with one board you need 2x 20cm water pipe, 2x T-clamp, 2x 90° angle connectors and one shelf. We offer a ready-made set for this conversion in our store. If you want to add more boards, add the required amount in each case.

Regalboden einbauen
Schritt für Schritt Anleitung Kleiderstange Wand DIY

Clothes rail DIY

Schritt für Schritt Anleitung

Step 1: First screw one of the two 90° angle connectors to one end of the 20cm water pipe. Repeat this with the second water pipe and also screw a 90° angle connector to its end.

Step 2: In the next step of the clothes rail DIY, a T-clamp is now attached to each of the still free ends of the pipes.

Step 3: Now you need to thread the shelf onto the existing clothes rail. Then, slide the brackets you just made for the board over the T-clamp onto the clothes rail and tighten the screw on the T-clamp so that the board holds at the desired height.

Step 4: Marvel! Your clothes rail DIY now has a handy shelf on which to place shoes, pants and hats.

Clothes rail DIY

Install trouser suspension

Love the style of an open closet, but have lots of pants or skirts you'd like to hang up? The clothes rod DIY to add an extra shelf is one way to store your pants. In this clothes rail DIY, we'll show you a practical alternative - our metal pants hanger.

The trouser hanger made of water pipes fits perfectly to the clothes rail in industrial design and complements it in a space-saving way.

Kleiderstange DIY mit Hängemöglichkeit für Hosen
Einzelteile Kleiderstange DIY Hosenaufhängung

Trouser hanger

Materials needed

For the clothes rail DIY, you first need to decide how many pants hangers you want. In the ready conversion set are enough materials, for seven hanging options included. If you need more or less, you can choose the individual parts yourself in the DIY store. Per hanging place you need 1x T-clamp and 1x 20cm water pipe.

You will also need a crossbar to hold the individual pant hangers. If you have a standard clothes rail, you will need a 93cm water pipe for this, if you have a custom made one, the width of the clothes rail must match the width of the pipe. To attach this water pipe to your existing clothes rail you will need two more T-clamps.

Clothes rail wall DIY

Building pants hanger step by step

Step 1: Attach the T-clamp to one end of a 20cm water pipe and tighten its screw. Repeat this step so that one T-clamp is attached to each end of all 20cm pipes.

Step 2: Now you need to thread the T-clamps with the tubes onto the 93cm water tube. Make sure they are the same distance apart before tightening the T-clamp screw.

Step 3: Last but not least, you need to attach the pants hanger you just built to your existing clothes rail. To do this, attach a T-clamp to the left and right threads of the 93cm tube and tighten it. These T-clamps can now be threaded left and right on your existing clothes rail from below and tighten at the desired height - and you have already built a clothes rail DIY pants hanger!

Clothes rail wall DIY

Adjust width & height of KIM

We know that every home is different and have already provided a variety of custom-made items for you to order as a ready-made set.

You already have a clothes rail and want to readjust it, for example, after a move? That's no problem either!
First of all, think about the new width of your clothes rail. We offer water pipes in different sizes, through which you can replace the crossbars of your existing clothes rail to give it a new width.

Add up all the horizontal tubes that you want to replace with shorter ones and order the new matching length in our DIY Shop. For a KIM II or KIM III you don't have to change all horizontal bars, you can also make only one side narrower.

It is similar with the height. To do this, calculate the new height you want your clothes rail to be and replace one of the existing vertical water pipes on the left and right with new, shorter pipes. If you would like to extend the height of your clothes rail, either choose a longer water pipe or build an extension by screwing a new water pipe to the existing pipes on the left and right using a connector.

Kleiderstange DIY Höhe und Breite anpassen