Clothes rails Gold | Our Gold Edition

The story of our Gold clothes rails began with a collaboration. After moving house, Lola wanted to fulfill her dream of having her own dressing room and our clothes rails were just the right thing to build her an open wardrobe in industrial design - albeit with a little twist.


Who is Lola?

A couple of you might already know her from Instagram or even from TV. Lola Weippert hosted the early morning radio show Deutschlands biggste Morningshow on bigFM between 2016 and 2020. in 2019, Lola also guided us through the online format of Love Island as a presenter and danced in the 14th season of the RTL dance show Let's Dance in 2021! On the side, she appears as an influencer and has more than 300,000 subscribers on Instagram.

Here we became aware of Lola through one of our employees, who reported about her move. Shortly after, we contacted Lola and that's how the stone for our golden clothes rails started rolling.

Pamo actually stands for rustic black accents in industrial design, which we implemented in all our furniture pieces through our powder-coated matte black water pipes. For this project, however, we wanted to try something new.

For Lola's idea: clothing rails in gold! Since we are always open to new challenges, we decided to work on our first gold clothes rails to make Lola's vision of her dressing room in gold come true!

Lola Kleiderstange Gold
Kleiderstange Gold mit Schuhschrank

golden clothes rail

Clothes rail planning

Since the rooms in Lola's old apartment in Berlin are quite high, we did not want to simply waste this space, but use the entire height as a clothes rail and shoe closet.

The open closet is separated here by the door of the room. So it was clear that it will not be a massive clothes rail, but this should be divided into 2 parts: On the left, there should be enough space for 80 pairs of shoes, and on the right, in turn, a clothes rail should be built, where all their blouses, jackets and shirts can find a place.

So before we thought about the golden color of the clothes rails gold, we first went to the planning of the dressing room.

The first challenge was to build the large shelf, which will later serve as a shoe cabinet. We have long searched for a suitable concept of how to attach the wooden boards to the water pipes in such a way that they can not only stably hold all the shoes and clothes, but at the same time fit the rustic design of the rest of the dressing room with the clothes rails gold

After a lot of messages sent back and forth, a lot of measuring and a lot of sketches, we ended up finalizing the idea for the shoe rack. For this we constructed our pipe holders that attach to both the board and the clothes rail. The board then rests on the malleable iron fittings of the gold clothes rails and easily holds any clothes or shoes that are placed on it.

So after the concept was in place we built a prototype to make sure the shelf was as sturdy and stable as we planned. And that's exactly how it was!

Prototyp Kleiderstange Gold als Kleiderschrank
Aufbau goldene Kleiderstange als Prototype

Gold clothes rail

From prototype to the clothes bars gold

After the prototype for the shoe rack was built and the height and width of the clothes rails gold was measured it went now to the fine tuning of the appearance. Because at the moment the boards are still gray and the clothes rails matte black.

To give the boards an industrial finish we sanded them and painted them black. Now the most important thing is missing: the golden color.

After some color samples we found the right golden tone and now it was time to powder coat the parts. And really all the parts...

Gold clothes rail

Final details and structure

The clothes rail is now gold and all the individual parts are ready for assembly - Only a few final details are missing.

To make sure that all parts of the finished dressing room fit together we built gold tube cabinet handles for two small drawers below the clothes rail. We also painted a ladder to match the boards so that Lola could easily reach the top row of gold clothes rails. After a long conception and prototype phase, the time had come to build Lola's dressing room in gold.

To guarantee a secure hold for all water pipes, Lola's gold clothes rails also have a fixed wall mounting, which prevents the closet from tilting.

With the corner solution, even the corners of the room have a purpose and offer even more space for all the clothes, shoes and hats. The small details, such as matching handles for the drawers, make all parts of the Gold clothes rails fit together perfectly and give the room an industrial design accent.

And this is how they look: The finished clothes rails gold with shoe rack:

Aufbau in Berlin der Kleiderstange Gold

Gold clothes rail

From a custom design to the finished product

Originally, the Gold Clothes Rails project was just a challenge we wanted to set ourselves to make Lola's idea of a gold dressing room a reality. But her clothes rail has met with so much demand that we have decided to offer the golden clothes rails for you to buy. Take a look at our store, maybe you will find the perfect clothes rail for your dream dressing room all in gold!