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The typical wardrobe ambience often looks out of place, and not just in small living spaces. The classic wardrobe also exudes an unpleasant flair in open-plan living room concepts. After all, your favourite pieces don't really come into their own and often disappear into the depths of the monster.

Are you tired of stale living room ambience and cluttered piles of clothes? Then you urgently need an alternative to the conventional wardrobe!

In this guide, we have put together stylish ideas and helpful tips to help you find the right wardrobe alternative for you.

What alternatives to a wardrobe are there?

Storing clothes without a wardrobe is almost unimaginable for older people. After all, the classic wardrobe is part of life.

This was definitely the case in my grandmother's day. But nowadays there are numerous alternatives to the wardrobe that look great, save space and also put your favourite clothes in the spotlight. Are you ready for practical and stylish wardrobe replacement ideas?

Clever tips & inspiration for open wardrobes

For those who can't or don't want to completely break away from the old wardrobe concept, wardrobes without doors are a good compromise. Simply unscrew the doors from the old wardrobe and refurbish the wood.

But before we move on to more original ideas on the subject of "wardrobe without doors", you should be aware of the following:

  • Just like a conventional wardrobe, these open wardrobes take up a lot of space and are therefore not suitable for small rooms.
  • Wardrobes without doors also quickly create mountains of laundry that take up time and get on your nerves.

That's why we at pamo. have developed an open wardrobe system that leaves nothing to be desired. Curtain up for PELLE METAL.

This open wardrobe system only shares one thing with the conventional wardrobe: the name. And that's it already. Because PELLE METAL is a thoughtful and innovative alternative to the conventional wardrobe.

Thanks to the unique material composition of water pipes and malleable cast iron fittings, this space miracle looks great. You can hang all your favourite clothes here and always have them in view.

Your trousers, jumpers and shoes are also shown off to their best advantage on the height-adjustable metal shelves.

Would you like to find out more about the customised alternative to a wardrobe made of iconic water pipes? Then take a look at our blog. Here you'll find more inspiration and 20 cool DIY furniture made from water pipes with an industrial look

Clever tips & inspiration for open wardrobes

Dressing rod and chest of drawers: the elegant solution 

The mix of clothes rail and chest of drawers, such as our KIM II. This wardrobe replacement idea has also become quite popular. Using a chest of drawers instead of a wardrobe offers numerous advantages:

  • Socks, underwear and T-shirts are not really suitable as eye-catchers. They simply disappear into the chest of drawers.
  • The clothes rail puts your favourite clothes centre stage and ensures that you can keep an overview.
  • Your sleeping area remains light, airy and open with the "dresser instead of wardrobe" concept.

Space-saving and stylish: the advantages of clothes rails

Clothes rails are not only the perfect solution for small rooms. The space-saving wardrobe alternative also gives a large bedroom or dressing room an individual look. Because you won't be overwhelmed by the wardrobe when you enter, but benefit from the light-flooded ambience.

Your clothes and shoes are no longer hidden away in deep drawers, but are given the space they deserve. By sorting your clothes by colour, you not only set the scene for the whole room, but can always find the right outfit in no time at all.

Even heavy jackets and bags are in good hands on clothes rails. Thanks to the sophisticated design, clothes rails from pamo. sit rock solid and defy even sales and Black Friday. 

Conventional wardrobe monsters tend to overflow with clothes at some point and you completely lose track of your favourite outfits. With innovative clothes rail systems, these problems are a thing of the past.

Infobox: Because if you want to expand your style, the alternative to the wardrobe simply grows with you. The wardrobe system KIM I in industrial design can be extended as required and gives your creativity free rein

You can find the right individual parts for this in our DIY section. How to build the DIY clothes rail, we have explained to you here in a video :


Wardrobe rooms come true: ideas for a spacious dressing room

A dedicated dressing room is the epitome of true luxury. This is where shoes and dresses really come into their own and you feel like a real star. An unattainable dream? Definitely not!

Because every room has the potential to become a spacious dressing room. All you need is the innovative walk-in wardrobe system from pamo. CARLSON METAL transforms ANY room into your dream.

The stylish wardrobe shelving system combines design with functionality. Thanks to the integrated storage space, there is even room for baskets with your winter accessories.

Speaking of winter: The cumbersome change of clothes at every season change is finally a thing of the past. Because from now on, there will be enough space for your personal spring, summer, autumn and winter collection.

Infobox: As the shelving system can be extended individually, you can adapt it completely to the size of the room without losing valuable space for the most important things: Your clothes AND your shoes. 

And if you're organising a private fashion show before the next party, you can simply close the door. The chaos is then out of sight, out of mind. And who knows, maybe the next day you'll feel like making room for something new again.

Design a practical combination of shelves and clothes rack

Shelves and clothes racks -  do they go together? Definitely! The combination not only looks great, but is also extremely practical. Because there's plenty of space for jumpers, trousers and shoes on the shelves.

You can even store socks and underwear here in wooden boxes and opaque baskets. And the rest? Blouses, shirts and the like have enough space on the clothes rack to be hung up fold-free.

ALVA OAK offers enough storage space for your favourite items and brings the New York loft style into your home. Thanks to the minimalist design, the hip combination of shelves and clothes rails fits perfectly into any modern living room concept.

We'll show you here. 

KLittle helper, big effect: mute servant

A mute servant is colloquially known as a valet, but is a real asset for all genders. It takes your worn clothes from you in the evening and keeps them crease-free for you until the morning - a real gentleman.

Depending on the size, the valet stand is also suitable for longer-term storage of trousers, jackets, shirts and blouses. The upper level of your personal clothes butler can be used to hang a few hangers to save space.

You can easily build your own personal butler in just a few simple steps. Here you can find our step-by-step guide. 

Which mobile solutions are best for storing clothes?

A mobile solution is also an excellent wardrobe alternative. Here, Clothes racks on castors are tried and tested. They create the perfect symphony of order and elegance and ensure that you can even take your wardrobe into the bathroom.

Coat racks on castors are particularly suitable for entrance areas for perfect wardrobe organisation.


The days of traditional wardrobes with a rustic oak look are definitely over. Open wardrobes may give the room a touch of freedom, but the real heroes are clothes racks in all their facets.

The black matt designer elements are space-saving and ensure the best presentation and organisation of your clothes and shoes. Thanks to the countless possibilities, this wardrobe alternative also allows you to be creative.

All tubular furniture and clothes rails from pamo. are expandable and adapt to any room size. Thanks to the innovative materials and powder coating, our wardrobe alternatives are rust-free, stable and scratch-resistant!


What creative DIY ideas are there for wardrobe alternatives?

Numerous wardrobe alternatives are waiting to be discovered by you. In addition to open wardrobes, you can also combine clothes rails with chests of drawers or shelves.

You can easily realise these creative DIY ideas yourself. Take a look at our DIY shop and find the appropriate individual parts for your next project.

How can I use a room divider as clothes storage?

An industrial clothes rack like LAS IIIis multifunctional. It offers you enough space for your wardrobe and can also be used as a stylish room divider.


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